Behind secret coves and caves by boat

One-day Excursion
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A private boat ride that you have never had before!

On this private tour, you will visit the secret marine world of the Elafiti archipelago, including an unexplored sea cave, beaches without people, in short, you will become the actors of a sea fairy tale.

Your company of up to six people will be picked up by an experienced driver by car and transferred to a boat at the port.

This is not a boat, there is nothing to be afraid of, it will not lull you to sleep.

Of course, there will be an opportunity to have a delicious lunch at an inn at an affordable price.

Swim as much as you want, including inside a sea cave.

After the walk back home.

Tip: don’t think and don’t skip.

Departure from Dubrovnik
Departure time 9:30
Transfer from Dubrovnik, boat, fuel consumption, skipper
Not Included Lunch



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